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15-minute COVID-19 antigen test to support rapid clinical decision making

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

AnteoTech Ltd has successfully developed proof-of-concept COVID-19 antigen and Flu A&B point-of-care lateral flow tests that can detect the presence of SARS-Cov-2 and influenza in less than 15 minutes. The tests utilise AnteoTech’s patented AnteoBind activated europium technology and provide significantly higher sensitivity than that offered by currently available COVID-19 tests. AnteoTech intends for the tests to be combined into a single multiplex test platform and be available in as little as 6–9 months following clinical trials and regulatory approvals. AnteoTech is currently looking to build strategic partnerships with medical device manufacturers to expedite commercialization. Once deployed, the portable test could significantly reduce COVID-19 spread by enabling detection and quarantine of infected individuals before symptoms develop. AnteoTech is a Brisbane-based company that specializes in leveraging next-generation surface management technology to address challenges in a range of markets, including point-of-care diagnostics.

With COVID-19 causing unprecedented economic and social devastation worldwide, governments and health services continue to seek effective ways to mitigate its spread. Mobilization of rapid and accurate testing is a crucial part of a comprehensive disease containment strategy, allowing for swift identification of active cases and, as a result, early quarantine. However, analysis of standard swab tests currently requires costly equipment, highly trained staff and must generally be performed in large hospitals or pathology laboratories. Further, testing in this way may take several hours to generate results, undermining prompt clinical responses.

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