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9 of the best board games to play for fans of science and tech

We’re living in a golden age for board games. They are experiencing an explosion in popularity as sales have soared during covid-19 lockdowns. And as crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter have helped lower the barrier to entry for new designers and publishers, there is an increasing variety of games to choose from.

Despite being made mainly of cardboard, many new games are complex, memorable and educational experiences – on a par with the most technologically advanced computer-based simulations. With historical, political, scientific, linguistic and socio-technological themes, there is something for everyone.

For lovers of nature, ecology and biology, Wingspan by Elizabeth Hargrave is a beautifully presented, non-confrontational game celebrating bird diversity. Players score points for attracting unique species to their reserve. It contains hundreds of beautifully illustrated bird cards with special abilities that synergise as they inhabit a range of environments.

For a more competitive experience, Dominant Species by Chad Jensen simulates survival of the fittest. A long and strategic game for six players, it sees major animal classes engage in a fierce, adaptive battle for a range of environmental niches to become the most dominant group before the next ice age.

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