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Air by MicroClimate is a helmet equipped with HEPA filters and two high-powered fans

Designed for travel, air by MicroClimate is a space travel-inspired helmet that uses state of the art HEPA filters for both inlet air and outlet air. Used in airplanes, this filter can clear 99.97% of particles as small as 0.03 micros. equipped with a patent-pending ventilation system, the helmet uses two high-powered fans to pull air through the HEPA filters in the mask, keeping it fresh and fog free.

Air by MicroClimate is the only personal protection that seals around the neck instead of the face. Its impermeable fabric forces all incoming and outgoing air through its patented filtration system. it comes in two sizes of head pads to make sure all of your journeys are as comfortable as possible. Its acrylic visor doesn’t interfere with expression, and it allows you to wear glasses without any issues.

Weighting approximately 2 lbs, air has removable washable fabric and 4-hours of battery life. Founded by Hall Labs — a modern day Edison Lab with a 70-year track record in the fields of energy, technology, material since, clean-tech and manufacturing, this wearable technology claims your travels will be clean, fresh and safe.

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