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Easy-to-use, compact, ion chromatography system simplifies water analysis

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Thermo Scientific Dionex Easion ion chromatography system makes everyday ion analysis simpler, while reducing total cost of ownership and need for maintenance

Small environmental and academic teaching laboratories specializing in water analysis can benefit from simpler setup and operation and improved quality with a new, compact ion chromatography (IC) system that can bring an advanced level of simplicity to anion and cation analyses of drinking water.

The new ion chromatography system is a user-friendly instrument, designed to yield consistent results and excellent resolution to routine anion and cation analysis of drinking water, while limiting operational costs. Offering preconfigured kits for analysis, a simple dilution of eluent and suppressant concentrates is all that is required, making the set-up and operation of the system quick and straightforward.

The Dionex Easion IC system is equipped to run out of the box, including columns, a suppressor and consumable items required to perform IC separations. The system’s simple design requires no additional pumps or equipment—enabling users of all skill-levels the ability to run routine IC methods.

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