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Effective buccal swab RNA extraction for COVID-19 diagnostic testing

Porvair Sciences announces a special version of its popular Homogeniser Spin Column optimised for RNA extraction from buccal swabs. A large number of current COVID-19 diagnostic tests are reliant on detection of viral RNA from buccal swabs by PCR. The Chromatrap Homogeniser Spin Column from Porvair Sciences has been adapted to ensure that it can routinely improve yield and quality of viral RNA from nasal and throat swab samples.

Whether you are researching COVID-19 to understand its mechanisms of action, or are part of a frontline diagnostic testing facility, the Chromatrap Homogeniser Spin Column is an ideal RNA extraction tool.  It provides a fast procedure for downstream RNA extraction, achieving great results in just minutes. The novel dual frit extraction design reduces lysate viscosity and captures insoluble debris by centrifugation, the homogenised lysate sample is then ready for RNA extraction.

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