• Otávio Santiago

FDA finally approves condoms for anal after years of campaigning from sexual health professionals

Updated: Mar 1

In an historic move, the US Food and Drug Administration approved a condom specifically for anal sex for the first time on Wednesday.

In a clinical trial, researchers tested a natural rubber latex condom, the One Male Condom from Global Protection. They found it had a 0.68% failure rate — defined as slippage or breakage — during anal intercourse, leading the FDA to authorize, for the first time ever, a condom for anal sex.

Sexual health experts have long championed an approval like this, saying it will protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Since the FDA approved the HIV prevention medication PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) in 2012, the number of people using condoms during anal sex has declined, according to data from the CDC.

Due in large part to cost and access issues, however, only 1 in 3 men at high risk for HIV use PrEP.

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