• Otávio Santiago

Five cleantech companies making New Zealand more green

Updated: Aug 28

Cleantechs are focused on reducing negative environmental impacts by offering recycling, renewable energy, green chemistry solutions and more. From extracting gold from old electronics to seaweed supplements for cattle, here are five cleantech companies hailing from New Zealand.

New Zealand has been ranked fourth in the world for biotechnology innovation potential. By leveraging the country’s strong foundations in the agriculture and energy sectors, companies are positioned to fill a worldwide niche in bioremediation, biorefinery and other green technologies.

There are up to 300 businesses in New Zealand that are working on environmentally friendly solutions to meet the demand for greener and more sustainable technologies, such as alternatives to plastic, processing of industrial waste and new energy sources.

Here are five cleantech companies that are working towards the country’s vision of becoming a healthier and cleaner New Zealand.

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