• Otávio Santiago

Former Red Bull president takes over as CEO of the Brazilian foodtech Future Farm in the US

Future Farm, or Fazenda Futuro in Brazil, a Brazilian startup that makes plant-based products, announced new leadership for its US operations: Alexandre Ruberti, former president at Red Bull. Ruberti takes over as CEO at Future Farm US.

As the foodtech preps to start operations in North America, Ruberti will face the challenge of making Future Farm stand out among some pioneers of the American plant-based market, such as Beyond Meats and Impossible Foods.

In addition to Brazil, the startup already set foot in Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Sweden, United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, where sends products through distributors, and in the Netherlands, where it has its own office.

Ruberti, in his turn, has experience in the US, Canada, Brazil and Latin America and has worked for 16 years at Red Bull, reaching the office of President of Red Bull Distribution US and Executive Vice President of Red Bull North America.

“Reaching the greatest powerhouse in the world [United States] and counting on the experience and dedication of an executive recognized as Alexandre Ruberti is an important start for Fazenda Futuro in the country. We are excited to show the world how it is possible to change the way of eating meat”, says Future Farm’s founder Marcos Leta.

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