• Otávio Santiago

Hit the road like a transformer with XBUS - the fully electric, modular car

Much like the transformers, the XBUS can be converted into the vehicle of your choice in no time! the maker, electricbrands, believes in simple and individual mobility and they have come to prove it with the all-in-one electriccar.

For private use, business or a weekend camping trip with friends, XBUS is out in two chassis variants and an X number of styles. the camper and pickup look, as well as the bus, box structure and cabrio version can satisfy anyone’s needs. Hop on!

Made in germany, XBUS by electribrands is so much more than just a car. each different transformation of the vehicle varies in features that make it ideal for all kinds of trips. base is the standard for all other modules, while pickup offers an open loading area at the back perfect for heavy objects.

Tipper is similar, but the loading area can also be tilted. pickup bus on the other hand also has the driver’s cab and a rear one. for longer trips, camper offers a sleeping option with a space-saving kitchen available with a sink, a refrigerator and a TV socket.

For the hair-blowing moments, cabrio gives the open roof, convertible function. the largest one is box with an expected load volume of over 6,000m3. for picking up friends and luggage try bus and for all-round trips get on the transporter.

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