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How COVID exposed New Age Narcissism

During this global pandemic that has disrupted life as we know it, many people have attempted to find the silver lining in the chaos.

For some, it has brought people closer to their friends and families. For others, it has slowed them down and got them to reevaluate their lives and careers. Some picked up healthy habits, while others gave in to unhealthy ones.

In the end, it has brought many things inside of us to the surface. It has left many of us exposed to a layer of truth about ourselves and society that we were unaware of before.

An example of this paradigm shift is the mass exodus we are seeing away from the “New age/Conscious” community as it currently stands. This article is difficult for me to write, as I have been deeply integrated into this world for over 15 years. Still, like many of you, I have always felt that something was off, although I couldn’t pinpoint it underneath all of the blisstractions.

Interestingly enough, when I first entered it, I myself was probably somewhat higher on the narcissistic spectrum that we all land somewhere on. I just got off a reality show. I had fame, money, power, and celebrity friends.

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