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I Love You, IndieBio

I am excited to share with you that today I am joining Mayfield, a top-tier venture capital firm with a fifty year history of people-first investing, as a Partner to co-lead the Engineering Biology practice alongside Ursheet Parikh. I am also transitioning to the new role of Venture Advisor at IndieBio. I will keep my IndieBio board appointments for the foreseeable future. And I will continue helping with pitch decks, milestone setting, business model construction and introductions for all the IndieBio companies because you are all still, and always will be, my portfolio.

There is more to this transition than Mayfield and IndieBio.

This is a moment not for two firms, but for the entire class of venture capital. Biology is a maturing technology that can change our world for the better. The fact remains we are running out of time to invest in the changes required. For some perspective, across all venture capital, only 3.3% of the money is deployed into planetary health companies. We need to deploy ten times that amount, yearly, to meaningfully impact climate change, pandemics, food security, fertility and sustainability before it is too late.

In the beginning, IndieBio was a simple idea for independence. Freedom for a new breed of entrepreneurs — scientists around the world. IndieBio began as an experiment. But in order to succeed, IndieBio would need to become an institution, enabling scientists to consistently build world changing companies. In the process, it also became something unexpected. A movement.

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