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Made with parametric design, the voronoi bicycle helmet is both safe and lightweight

Designers yuefeng zhou,zhecheng xu,haiwei wang present the voronoi bicycle helmet, inspired by ·D voronoi structures widely found in nature. featuring a parametric design, the helmet is both light and safe, providing users with comfortable, fashionable and safer personal protection.

The voronoi bicycle helmet by yuefeng zhou,zhecheng xu,haiwei wang showcases a combination of parametric techniques with bionics, resulting in an outstanding external mechanical system. the outer shell, which mimics voronoi patterns found in animal’s bone structure and turtle shells, is different from traditional flake protection structures in its unabridged bionic 3D system. when hit by an external force, this type of structure has shown better stability. the helmet’s porous characteristics makes it possible to achieve the perfect balance between safety and balance.

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