• Otávio Santiago

Man Gives His Paralyzed Husky Pool Therapy To Help Relieve The Pain, And Help Him Walk

We are all familiar with a doggy horror story or two — times where owners have let their dogs down in their time of need, whether that be through serious acts of neglect or abandonment, the circumstances are always heartbreaking.

With stories like these constantly being reported it is often easy to forget the millions of amazing dog moms and dads out there who are doing an incredible job loving their babies. So even though we can’t guarantee you won’t shed a tear reading Kanes’ story we can at least promise it will be in a good way.

Kane’s legs suddenly stopped working and the family didn’t know what to do.

The love between a dog and their owner is unconditional so when Siberian husky Kane suddenly developed age-related pain and paralysis in his two back legs his owner refused to put him down. Although Kane was too old to survive the strain of an operation and there was a very real chance that he may never walk again, his owner decided to do everything he possibly could to make sure the elderly pooch was comfortable.

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