• Otávio Santiago

Researchers encounter 142 ice sharks in the deep sea

They can live to be more than 400 years old, making them the Methusalems among the vertebrates. The mysterious creatures of the deep sea are elusive. This makes these rare footage of Greenland Sharks all the more astonishing.

Actually, Brynn Devine and Laura Wheeland of the Marine Institute at Memorial University of Newfoundland just wanted to collect some routine data on the ecosystem. To do this, they installed underwater cameras in the ocean around the Canadian Arctic in 2015 and 2016. Maybe they got lucky and could film some rare fish or snails.

As luck would have it, other unique creatures swam in front of the researchers' lenses: bowhead sharks, also known as ice sharks.

In the cold depths of the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, these fish are difficult to reach, and film recordings in their natural environment are rare. So little is known about them so far.

The scientists collected more than 250 hours of video footage of the bowhead sharks, as they write in their study . The 31 cameras recorded exactly 142 different specimens, which the researchers were able to identify based on their unique skin drawings. The fish only appeared once in the pictures.

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