• Otávio Santiago

Soft silica: between textile and glasswork

After almost a year worth of research, canadian designer sarah roseman develops soft silica – a new material that lies at the boundary between textile and glasswork.

Striving to find innovative and sustainable industry alternatives, she began her research by thinking about the possibilities of glass and experimenting with knitting glass fibers. From that point on, she delved into many different applications of the ‘hybrid’ medium and ended up with an ever-growing archive of samples.

The process of creating soft silica begins by melting fiberglass in a kiln. Once it reaches a ‘soft’ state, roseman can easily manipulate the glass and knit it into complex shapes. as the designer explains, ‘glass is a dynamic material, and the technique of slumping allows delicate control over the movement of its molten state. the beauty of working with glass in this way is the ability to see the melting material caught in midair, creating a material that can look like it is suspended in time.’

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