• Otávio Santiago

The Beauty of Physics

How fascinating it is to comprehend the fact that the physical realities of the universe can fit into tiny little mathematical relations so pure and abstract in their forms. Physics is the science that describes the world around us in the most comprehensible mathematical way with proper observation, analysis, and experiment. From the ancient Greeks and Babylons to the Large Hadron Collider we’ve come a long way trying to find out more and more about how things work. From observing stars and galaxies through ancient lenses to capturing the images of black holes, we have come a long way, from thinking that the Earth is the center of the universe and that there are no other worlds out there to observing and discovering distant galaxies through James Webb Space Telescope, from discovering the nucleus of an atom to smashing those atoms to create new particles we have come a long way.

What’s the most beautiful thing about Physics?

Consider this example, the core of the sun produces a humongous amount of energy every second, the same energy that is responsible for the preparation of food in green plants by the process of photosynthesis, the same energy makes wind blow from one place to another, the same energy that is responsible for the generation of electricity on our planet. The energy is produced due to a thermonuclear fusion reaction at the core of the sun. How does the reaction occur? The reaction occurs due to the fusion of hydrogen atoms to form a helium nucleus. How can such a huge amount of energy be produced with such a simple chemical reaction? To answer this question let’s try and understand a simple yet beautiful mathematical equation E=mc², where m is the mass, and c is the speed of light in a vacuum. This simple yet elegant relation explains the interconvertible property of matter and energy. Think of the device you are using to read this article, in order to manufacture this device the factory required a certain amount of electrical energy. The air conditioner kept in your room functions with the help of electricity. If you are living in a country like Nepal, that electrical energy is coming from a hydroelectric power station which is constantly converting the mechanical energy of a flowing river into electrical energy with the help of a generator.

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