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The Tragic Mystery of The Dyatlov Pass Incident Has a New Scientific Explanation

One of the most enduring and tragic mysteries of recent Russian history may finally have a solution, with scientists saying they have a plausible explanation for what could have ultimately led to the deaths of nine mountaineers during a fateful expedition in 1959.

This infamous event – called the Dyatlov Pass incident – has launched dozens of conspiracy theories in the decades since it occurred, with enthusiasts dreaming up all manner of wild plots to explain what happened, including yeti attacks, aliens, and experiments with Soviet super-weapons.

In a relatively recent film adaptation, teleporting mutants become woven into the fable. It's that kind of a mystery for many.

For scientists, the tragedy is something else, although from any standpoint, the facts are both gruesome and strange. How exactly did these nine experienced hikers and skiers suddenly meet their deaths one night in the northern Ural Mountains?

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